DISTANCING Physical distancing of at least 6-to-10 feet, depending on local guidelines, between members and employees is required at all times. Please respect floor markings and any other visual cues that facilitate distancing at the front desk, in our locker rooms, studios, and other club areas. PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE) Visit The Equinox Standard for information on your local mask guidelines. PREVENTION Hand sanitizer is required upon entry. Regular use is encouraged throughout your visit using the dispensers provided in the club. Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds. Be sure to cover coughs and sneeze with a tissue or inside your elbow. WIPING To provide courtesy to your fellow members, you are required to use provided wipes to disinfect machines and equipment before and after each use.


ADVANCED BOOKING REQUIRED Members are required to use the Equinox app to access the club. To accommodate physical distancing and to create a safe environment for our community, you must book each club visit in advance. Personal Training and Pilates sessions are booked in advance by your Trainer or Instructor. HEALTH DECLARATION Before each club visit, you are required to acknowledge and consent to Equinox’s Health Declaration, which can be viewed in the Equinox App. The Health Declaration will be available in the Equinox app one (1) hour prior to your scheduled check-in time. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms or circumstances identified in the Health Declaration, cancel your visit and stay home. You will not be permitted to check-in and use the club if you do not complete the Health Declaration or if Equinox determines at its discretion that you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. COMMUNICATION As a part of our Equinox community, we expect you to notify Equinox if you test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of your last visit to Equinox and to provide us with information about your visit, such as the club areas and amenities you used. GROUP FITNESS & STUDIO USE Our teams will set up the studio and pre-set equipment before each class starts. When arriving for class, please choose one of the designated spots. Just notify the instructor if you need to swap out equipment and please do not enter the storage area. After class, leave all equipment at your spot, and exit the studio so our staff can begin cleaning. Please note that studios will be closed and unavailable for use between classes to ensure equipment is sanitized for the next class. RESPECT PRIVACY Be mindful of protecting the privacy of everyone in our community. As always, photos and calls are strictly prohibited in private areas of the club. If you need to make a call, please head to the lounge and be mindful of your noise level.


EQUIPMENT To facilitate physical distancing, we have reduced the number of cardio machines and equipment available for use. Please be mindful if other members are waiting to use machines or equipment. Equinox reserves the right to limit your time on a cardio machine to 30 minutes. *All policies subject to change per local regulations and guidelines.